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Palestra sobre a crise econômica brasileira

Vencer os bloqueios internos

If you are not moving steadily in the direction of what you…

Intervenções americanas na América Latina

gzeromedia.com|By GZERO Media
Top US officials and lawmakers have hinted that military intervention in…

Argentina prometida

Eugenia psiquiátrica

Psychiatric Eugenics Then and Now—You Betcha It’s Still Happening - Mad In America
Psychiatric Eugenics Then and Now—You Betcha It’s Still Happening…
Psychiatric Eugenics

Aprender brincando

The U.S. can learn a big lesson from Finland’s education system: Instead…

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Let’s stop calling political foes and foreign threats the f-word.

Liberty Open 2019

Quer aprender mais sobre as ideias de liberdade? Quer ver de perto alguns dos maiores nomes do movimento liberal/libertário brasileiro? Quer ver uma série de palestras sobre política, economia e direito em um evento que preza pela liberdade de expressão e pela pluralidade de ideias? Então se inscreva no Liberty Open 2019, antes que o primeiro lote se esgote

Link para inscrições:

Não perca

Image may contain: 15 people, including Leonardo Lisboa, Gabriel Melo and Paulo Demchuk, people smiling

quinta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2019

"Burning Man"

Going to Burning Man soon? Already there but hiding in your shiftpod looking at the internet? Couldn't get a ticket? Anticipating being stuck in line getting in for a half-day with nothing to read? All you types should spend the penny less than five bucks to get the 10th anniversary edition of my book THIS IS BURNING MAN on the event's genesis early history and sociology, but more fun than that sounds, delivered to your kindle.
Think of it as a kickstarter except the thing already exists. Each purchase buys me lunch as copyright has reverted to me the author, whereas most purchases of books published by major publishers buys the author at best a 32 oz soda at Arco.

O genocídios de Churchill

quarta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2019

Cidades privadas

Wouldn't private cities get invaded? Are they sustainable? How do you avoid abuse from the operator? What happens when a city goes broke?
In this interview made by the Mises Institute and now published in Portuguese at Instituto Liberal, Titus Gebel answers the most asked questions about private cities: