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Nock sobre educação

The Theory of Education in the United States

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11/17/2007Albert Jay Nock
  1. Introduction: Education vs Training
  2. Dissatisfaction with American "Education"
  3. Tinkering with the Mechanics of Education
  4. The Educational Theory of Equality and Democracy
  5. The Literate Citizen
  6. Classical Education
  7. Training, Diluted Science, and Big Numbers
  1. Drugstore Education
  2. The Great Tradition
  3. Sound Theory and a Reasonable Precision in Nomenclature
  4. But What of the Educable?
  5. Gresham's Law
  6. Vested Interest in Bad Theory
  7. Conclusion and Reassurance

I - Introduction: Education vs Training

I may be permitted to express my great pleasure in the welcome which you have accorded me. I am, of course, very happy to accept it as the official welcome extended to a servant who is borrowed for the occasion by one university from another. I trust, however, that you will allow me to regard it also as the impersonal welcome offered by citizens of the great republic of letters to another citizen whose only credentials and recommendations are those with which his citizenship provides him. I may moreover, I think, be permitted to assume that this impersonal hospitality will be extended to cover the consideration of the subject that I have been appointed to introduce. The constitution of our republic recognizes no political boundaries, no distinctions of race or nation; our allegiance to it takes precedence over every local or personal interest. Our business here, I take it, is to consult about matters which seriously affect the welfare of our republic, and I may assume therefore that we are prepared to approach it in no provincial or parochial spirit, but in a truly republican frame of mind, intent only upon the interest to which our first allegiance is due, the interest of the republic of letters.

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