domingo, 18 de junho de 2017

Lições de um viajante

"Today is my TEN YEAR travel anniversary! To celebrate, I made this video to gather some of my best travel footage, while sharing the top lessons I've learned in the last decade on the road. Soon after I made this video, National Geographic announced me as their traveler of the year!
"Here are the lessons one by one:
1. Happiness has no price tag...
2. Be an imperfectionist
3. The magic happens outside of your comfort zone
4. The world owes you nothing
5. Get busy living
6. Every single person is fascinating and can teach you something
7. It's OK to say "I was wrong"
8. The present is what really matters.
9. Be generous and kind to others
10. We're all making it up as we go"

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I'm a world traveller who immersed himself in local cultures & here are the lessons I've learned. Enjoy! Today is my TEN YEAR travel anniversary! To celebrat...

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