quarta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2017

Teoria da justiça

"Imagine a person said, “I have a solution to the problem of drunk driving. However, my solution works only in a world where alcohol hadn’t been invented.” There’s something deeply silly and incoherent about that.
Well, it turns out that the mainstream of political philosophy over the past 50 years has precisely this problem. The mainline of political philosophy, when it tries to defend or critique various institutions, has largely been a joke, Freiman shows us, though he’s t...oo polite to put it that bluntly.
"What Freiman shows is that Rawls, Freeman, Ackerman, Dworkin, and a number of other left-liberal philosophers are making this kind of mistake over and over. His critique is so devastating that you might as well take Rawls’s writings about institutions and throw them in the trash; they are now, thanks to Chris, nothing more than artifacts of historical interest."
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Bleeding Heart Libertarians
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Christopher Freiman has just published a fabulous book, Unequivocal Justice, the first book in Routledge Press's new "Political Philosophy for the Real World" ...series. It is a tour de force of philosophical excellence. It may well be the best book of political philosophy published in 2017. I certainly haven't read anything this year that comes close to competing with it. [ 830 more words ]
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Christopher Freiman  has just published a fabulous book, Unequivocal Justice, the first book in Routledge Press’s new “Political Philosophy for the Real World” series. It is a tour de force of philosophical...

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