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"Education students who believe psychiatric drugs and treatments are more harmful than helpful have a new avenue for research.
"The University of Toronto's Ontario Institute of Education has established a scholarship in the controversial field of antipsychiatry.
"Billed as a world first, the Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry is awarded with donations that its namesake instructor - a trauma specialist and critic of psychiatry - is matching with up to $50,000 out of... her own pocket.
"The author of Psychiatry And The Business Of Madness ($52, Palgrave Macmillan) and an associate professor in OISE's department of leadership, higher and adult education believes that there is no proven biological basis for mental illness and that psychiatric methods - including drugs - and the institutions that support them are oppressive and violate human rights."
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Bonnie Burstow launches the world's first antipsychiatry scholarship at OISE
"I'm hoping this scholarship will spur alternative ways of arranging society so that we aren't inventing diseases or brain-damaging people, and there is a greater acceptance of difference," says Burstow.

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