segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2016

Sobre Hayek

Tom G. Palmer  of Hayek at FEE today. For those who don't know Hayek, take 10 minutes and read this.
"Hayek’s individualism is not wedded to the idea of man “as a highly rational and intelligent” being, but instead sees the human being “as a very irrational and fallible being, whose individual errors are corrected only in the course of a social process …”1 Each individual is limited in the knowledge on which he or she may draw. There no mind to whom all of the relevant information is available; among limited and fallible human beings, institutions have emerged by which individuals may share information without even being aware of the existence of those with whom they are interacting. For example, some of Hayek’s most important work in economics focuses on the role that prices play in providing encapsulated forms of information that help millions or billions of people who share different interests and are generally unaware of each other to coordinate their actions."
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Unlike Martin Heidegger or Carl Schmitt, there was a thinker who stood for the worth, dignity, and freedom of the individual human being, who defended the rationality of the market economy, who stood for peace when others raged for war, for…|Por Tom G. Palmer

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