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Benefícios de beber cerveja

Beer drinking can offer benefits for cholesterol, heart health

By: Devon Andre

Health benefits of beer

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease: As mentioned, moderate beer consumption can slow down the decline of HDL cholesterol, which is necessary for a healthy heart. If HDL cholesterol levels are low, more LDL cholesterol builds up, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
Increased bone density: Moderate beer consumption has been linked with an increase in bone density. Low bone density leads to osteoporosis.
Lower risk of diabetes: Beer consumption has been associated with lower rates of type 2 diabetes.
Prevention of anemia: Beer provides the nutrients that help prevent anemia.
Lower blood pressure: Beer drinkers, compared to wine or spirits drinkers, have been found to have lower blood pressure.
Anti-aging properties: Beer is high in vitamins that work to slow down the aging process.
Prevention of gallstones: Because of the effects beer has on cholesterol, it can prevent cholesterol accumulating into gallstones.
Prevention of dementia and coronary disease: Beer boosts good cholesterol, which can help prevent dementia and coronary disease.
Better digestion: Beer can stimulate digestive processes to help improve digestion.
Stress reduction: Beer has been found to reduce stress and promote sleep.
Diuretic properties: Beer can increase urination, which helps remove toxins and waste.
Cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract: Beer is a good source of soluble fiber, which is necessary to promote good health and prevent constipation, so waste can be expelled.

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